Personalized Financial Coaching for Your Unique Journey

At MONEY RENOVATION, we know everyone's financial journey is different, whether you want to:

  • Manage debt

  • Save more OR

  • Plan for the future

I'm here to help you every step of the way. Start your financial journey today for a customized roadmap to the future you want.


Step into the world of Money Renovation, where the focus is on achieving Financial Freedom!

Hey there!

I'm Lupe Saenz, your Financial Coach and the proud Founder of Money Renovation. Like many busy parents out there, I understand the challenges of balancing a demanding job, family responsibilities, and the desire for financial security.

At Money Renovation, we're on a mission to transform lives and reshape the way busy families interact with money.

My commitment stems from personal experience, steering my own family to debt-free living and a refreshed financial perspective.

Armed with a certificate from the Financial Coaching Academy, I blend compassion, dedication, and a personalized touch to create tailored plans for your financial success.

Let's navigate your unique journey together. I understand the challenges of a demanding schedule, family responsibilities, and the desire for a secure financial future. Join me, and let's embark on this transformative experience to build a brighter financial future for you and your family!

I completed the Financial Coach Academy , the industry’s leading financial coach training program, in February 2023. The Academy is like an MBA for financial coaches and I'm proud to continuously serve my clients by being a student of my craft. By completing the Academy, I have demonstrated my commitment to expanding my education, serving my clients, and growing my coaching business.


Clarity Session

This session is ideal if you're seeking a clear understanding of your financial situation and are ready to kickstart your journey toward a healthier relationship with money!

You will:

  • Get a clear picture of your spending habits

  • Receive a personalized plan that fits your needs.

  • Learn effective strategies to increase your savings

  • Get a clear picture of where your money is going

Confidential and Judgment-Free

one-on-one 2hr session

Your Investment $250


"Its a real eye opener. It gives you the reality check of a much needed start to financial stability. I like how it opens the door of what my finances are vs what I think they are. You get to see what struggles you really have."


"Lupe Saenz with Money Renovations talked through my finances/debt with me, judgement free, and introduced me to new ways to look and work my budget that would help me stay on track. With her advice and support of accountability, I was able to get my finances in control and eliminate almost all of my debt in 11 months - putting me in a position to purchase my brand new home. Hands down would recommend Money Renovation to everyone!!"


"Lupe has been an answer to prayer and she is a tremendous Blessing to my husband and myself. She helps us stay organized and understanding of all we need to know for our banking needs."


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